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TRIIBUNNEWS.COM - BATAM - known earlier on Wednesday (27/7), in the village of Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands, has found the bodies of beautiful women veiled but living crumbs. Bodies were found in the region bushes. The corpse was found by residents Jendi Hutabarat and Lochkung Lumban Toruan time through the forest looking for wood pegs the earth. Police Police Barelang confirm the cause of death Arzalia Lia, 22, a student of Ibn Sina STAI positive Batam killed by sadistic.

pembunuhan sadis

"The victim was hit by a crowbar from behind, right in the neck. The blow that caused the victim's neck bones broken, "said Barelang Invisible Criminal Police, Commissioner Ardian Memo.

But after examination of the scene (the scene), was also found shells and bones of fetuses near a corpse Lia. The shell berunur fetus about six months, said Barelang Invisible Criminal Police, Commissioner Ardian Memo.

"Yeah, we found fetal cranium estimated age of six months," said Memo, Thursday (28/7).

But the police do not believe the fetus from the uterus shell Lia or not, the police are still investigating.

"We are still investigating," said Memo.

Memo hope to the families of Lia in order to open it to the police and provide information that is true that this case can be quickly uncovered.

"We asked the families to be open in providing information to the police that the case is quickly revealed," pleaded Memo.

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