Latest News: What is behind the smile zulfikar ali wife when her husband will be executed

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TRIIBUNNEWS.COM - Siti Rohani who is the wife of death row Zulfikat Ali asalh Pakistan beisa now breathe because her husband was not so executed on Friday, July 29, 2016. Upon learning the news that only four men who were executed on this day and not included Zulfikar Ali, Siti leave directly from the inn and came to Nusakambangan Penitentiary.

eksekusi mati zulfikar ali

Siti when leaving reclaiming said that he was able to breathe because it has been canceled executed. Not forgetting also her wish to thank them all. He went straight to the Nusakambangan prison after getting the news.

At the time of questioning by members of the media, Siti seen smiling. His face looks a bit brighter than in the first time he came on Thursday. After that he went straight to the inn to cool down. Also he uttered endlessly gratitude.

Earlier, Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes namely Noor Rachmad stated that at 0:45 pm there will be four prisoners were executed. Four death row inmate is Freddy Budiman from Indonesia, Osmane Seck from Senegal, Humphrey Ejike aka Nigerian doctor, and Michael Titus Igweh of Nigeria.

Ten other prisoners who were still in reclaiming and waiting for the next process for execution.

Humphrey Ejike alias Doctor of Nigeria is the brain of illicit drug trafficking by drug syndicates in Depok in 2003. He was arrested for possession and peddle copies as much as 1.7 kilograms of heroin.

Osmane Seck from Senegal arrested for having 2.4 kilograms of heroin in an apartment in South Jakarta. He had been sentenced to death by the District Court of South Jakarta in July 2014.

Freddy Budiman is a well-known drug dealer agile enough. Once in 2009 was arrested for possession of 500 grams of methamphetamine, he again found to save hundreds of grams of methamphetamine in 2011. It is not yet finished his prison term, he was caught drug cases in Sumatra. Even behind bars Iron, Freddy can still regulate the circulation of drugs.

Michael Titus igweh Nigerian sentenced to death because it has been involved in international narcotics network. He was caught in the act have adequate heroin by 5.8 kg in 2002

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