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Jumat, 29 Juli 2016

Latest News Today: On fire !!! Date of August 2, 2016 the Earth Will Destroyed by Asteroid Due Blow The Very Large, I do not believe

WASHINGTON DC - a government agency of the United States is responsible for the space program, NASA, has predicted that large-sized space rock is predicted to collide with the Earth if it veered off track. Stone is a length of 120 meters will approach Earth on 2 August.

Latest News Today: On fire !!! Date of August 2, 2016  the Earth Will Destroyed by Asteroid  Due Blow The Very Large ...

And experts estimate that if the asteroid hit Earth true then this will cause havoc, because flesh that is on earth will be extinct and the earth will be back as the Ice Age when the first.

If the asteroid hit the earth, the result of dust enveloped the earth and the world's average temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius. Worse, the impact of all it will last up to several years.

Charles Bardeen of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, said that if it is true then the temperature of the earth as the Ice Age of yore, "It will be a time that is not fun," said Bardeen warned that possibility.

So, if the space rock that threatens our life on this earth 

From the acquisition of the information available, lucky asteroids name NX22 2016 it will cross the Earth at a safe distance, ie 4.5 million kilometers. But the asteroid's trajectory is uncertain so this is a serious threat.

However, before NASA had told for hundreds of years into the future will not exist asteroid will hit the Earth.

"NASA is not an asteroid or comet is on track collided with the Earth lately, so the possibility of a collision are very small," said NASA spokesman.

"In fact, no large objects which will likely hit the Earth until several hundred years into the future."

"NASA has also made a top priority asteroid detection, and develop strategies to identify asteroids that could pose a risk for our planet," he explained

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